Long-term Success

Strong Principles

The Business and Finance Club is committed to good corporate governance, which promotes the long-term interests, strengthens management accountability and helps build public trust in the organization.


  • To increase our job and internship placements by 200% annually
  • To regularly broaden our curriculum and our services
  • To continually develop current and create new partnerships
  • To offer scholarships for study abroad
  • To create community activities in cooperation with other NGO's

Social Development

We believe in a united society and future for Lebanon, because together we achieve more. To this end our work and values are geared toward uniting students of both genders, from all universities, regions, backgrounds and religions.

This unity will encourage the positive changes we wish to see in our society, in terms of reducing unemployment, poverty and providing a more stable environment for future generations. We prepare graduates for the likelihoods of the job market with vocational, supplementary and subject matter training to facilitate workplace satisfaction and longevity for employers and employees.


Listening, as part of the communication process, allows us to better understand the needs, goals and talents of our clients and to hone their skills for the working place and for the society for which they will one day be responsible. We also value communication as a tool to band with our partners and supporters to fight unemployment and make a contribution to our society's development.


A main target of our work is to help our members attain self-sufficiency. We believe that through training and development, they will be able to enhance their career path and sustain themselves in the work force. Similarly, our objective for BFC is to operate efficiently and to reach out to the community, collaborating with partners and donors to assist us in realizing our goal of supporting students, for many generations to come.

Within the early period of our founding, we have conducted a number of seminars and workshops on resume building, interviewing and research skills and many other beneficial topics to our students with presenters from a number of prominent Lebanese and regional companies and organizations, we also provided various jobs and internships to our members, besides, we have offered a number of preparatory courses for professional designations to facilitate for our members the pursing of their advanced post-graduate studies. We are very proud of the partnerships and collaborations we have created with these companies and organizations whose commitment and values help to sustain and enrich our community.