Partnerships & Sponsorship



We offer strategic partnerships and a range of advertising and promotional opportunities. Build your brand and improve lead generation by featuring your products, services, new technologies, and thought leadership best practices.

When you partner with BFC, you will reach numerous accountants and financial professionals around the globe working in companies of all sizes and sectors. They are the decision makers and influencers you need to reach and include : CFOs, VPs, controllers, directors, managers, analysts, educators, and other practitioners. Thousands of members hold a professional certification, either CMA or CPA, or both. Our partnership marketing channels are an exciting and targeted way to engage these audiences.

Strategic Partnerships

Connect with new customers, generate qualified leads, and gain measurable investment return with our strategic partnerships. Your goals and initiatives drive each campaign.

strategic partnerships can include exclusive platform ownership aligning and leveraging your thought leadership and brand assets while helping to showcase your products and services. In collaboration with you, we build an integrated and flexible outreach campaign, combining online, face-to-face, and traditional tactics that impact and influence your key targets?our members.