Study Abroad


Access & Opportunity

We are committed to helping every student ? regardless of socioeconomic background or academic major ? access a transformative study abroad experience.

Highest Quality Programs


The rigorous academic programs extend outside the classroom walls, offering you the experience and skills you need to succeed in your academic track and beyond.

Cultural Immersion

You are offered the life-changing opportunity to live like a local, rounding out your experience with field work and cultural excursions.

Student Support

The resident directors and staff, highly trained support teams, and health and safety specialists are with you, at every step of your journey.

Advocacy & Innovation

You deserve programs that are most relevant to your life and academic needs. BFC responds with innovative solutions like our completely customizable Open Campus programs at our Global Institutes and our variety of short-term programs. And while we change lives, it's our great network of alumni who go on to change the world.