Financial Markets Data

Global Coverage


BFC maintains a real-time database of global market data sourced from 1,500 securities exchanges and contributors. From individual wealth managers to major media organizations, our customer base use this information to gain a comprehensive view of global markets.

Our market data service enables systematic comparison and analysis of an extensive range of global securities. Finance specialists can drill down to detailed market information such as time & sales data and orderbook information for a precise view on market conditions.

Data Transparency

We help you optimize your data spend by intelligently analyzing usage and consumption patterns and eliminating duplicate data requests?such as those generated against Bloomberg Data License.

Our market data solution centralizes and catalogs first-level real-time and reference data licensed from vendors or even your internal data. Every data request is entitled and tracked so that you can more easily understand your costs and allocate them accordingly.

Data Platform

Our platform consists of several robust, highly-scalable, hosted service layers designed to help you control the distribution of your first-level data, and does not require any hardware or software so you can deploy it in a matter of days.