Career Consulting


Services Overview

By counselling our experts will analyse your current standing, identify your hidden potential, suggest the best possible opportunities you can knock and our career representation content (Resume / eResume, Cover Letter, Statement of purpose -SOP) and preparation (Mock Interview) will help you unlock success in every step job or promotion.

We are here to guide your drive towards Success. Don?t miss any chances towards success, Small alterations bring major changes in life; imagine what a transformation by professionals like us can do.

Customized Career Strategy

No matter where you are in your career progression, we can help. You will receive a blueprint for your career strategy which outlines your specific experiences, aspirations, and qualifications for success. Based on our proprietary Personal Achievement Template, we will provide you with a step-by-step career strategy to give you the best possible chance at your achieving your career goals.

Proven Track Record

There is no standard playbook for career success. All of the work you've put into your career and academic success should lead to your intended career path, but sometimes it doesn't. Using our thorough career strategy and support process, you will receive a detailed roadmap to focus your career path and achieve your career mission. Whether you are a college student, recent graduate, or have vast experience in the workforce, our career coaches are ready to help you through the process. Our folks have secured jobs in a variety of industries and top companies:

  • Finance
  • Tech
  • Consulting firms
  • Law firms
  • Healthcare
  • Operations / Engineering
  • Several exited entrepreneurial ventures

Step-by-Step Approach

Obtain help from an initial free evaluation through steps including job identification, employer search, resume preparation, interview skills and preparation, salary negotiation, and networking execution.