Logistics Consultancy

Logistics Consultancy

Service Overview

We offer a comprehensive range of training services focused on the requirements of the logistics industry, covering topics such as customer service, supply chain management and more.

At the focus of the services provided by BFC stands a high level of expertise and, first and foremost, a profound understanding of site requirements and logistics processes.

Our consultants see themselves as link between users and local authorities. They also provide advice on the optimization and restructuring of logistics processes and transactions.


Our task is to train the concerned persons the method of receiving goods from the suppliers to the company and how to receive such shipment in a special way without exposing the goods to any damage so as to mitigate expenses. We also train them how to manage goods from the place of receipt to warehouses and how to receive such goods through the management of the receipt process.

Most of the beneficiaries of this service are all companies that work in the field of food and non-food items, pharmaceutical companies, medical equipment companies, electrical equipment companies, clothing companies as well as many other companies.


We are specialized in managing and organizing the work inside the warehouse in order to ensure the high quality in this field through a proper management of the operations of transporting, packing, and preparing the goods in the warehouse.

In addition to the safety factor and not exposing the workers to any danger, we can also ensure the companies’ access to the ISO system and help them by securing the warehouses in terms of control system, fire safety factor and other safety measures. The target companies in this filed are all companies that have goods.


We are responsible for managing the process of transportation to regions and setting up the plans for the progress of shipment within the company, in a way that ensures the mitigation of costs through punctuality and accuracy in delivery. We are also concerned with the Gps system and the process of monitoring the fuel and maintenance, in order to reduce waste in this field. The target companies are all companies that have local transportation system.