CPA workshops


15 Weeks Cycle


Eligibility Requirements for CPA exam

  • A baccalaureate degree or higher conferred by a degree-granting college or university (or foreign equivalent evaluated by a California Board of Accountancy-approved foreign academic credentials evaluation service) accredited by a United States regional institutional accrediting agency or national accrediting agency
  • 24 semester units of accounting subjects; 24 semester units of business-related subjects

Course Topics

  • 1. Economic concepts and strategy
  • 2. Decision making; corporate governance, internal control and enterprise risk management
  • 3. Financial management and capital budgeting; information technology
  • 4. Cost accounting and Measurement; Planning, control and analysis

Course Package

  • Live explanation sessions with tutorials
  • 5 books
  • Multiple mock and sample exams

Registration Requirements

  • Original copy of transcript
  • Copy of your international travel passport
  • Copy of your ID
  • Passport-size photo
  • CV (curriculum vitae)
  • Enrollment fee (non-refundable)

Passing the CPA Exam

The primary goal of the course is that you pass the BEC part of the CPA exam. But there is no guaranty or assurance that students will pass. Ultimately, each student must demonstrate his or her commitment to passing the exam by spending the appropriate time and effort. There is no set formula. Although this course is a two credit unit course, it is likely that students will find it necessary to spend more than the time that would typically be allotted for standard two unit courses. Once again, the primary goal is to pass the CPA exam and to do so requires a significant time commitment. You should expect to invest a significant number of hours in this course to satisfy its rigorous expectations.