Tailor-made Training


2 Weeks Cycle

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Service Overview

Designed to meet a group or individual's specific learning needs, we create customized programs that are delivered at a time and in a location that best works for clients. Thanks to its experience in business development, accounting, project management, finance and legal subject-matters, BFC is able to prepare and implement training packages that ignite changes in organizations to drive efficiency and improve performance.

Bespoke conjures up quality, expertise, and a perfect fit. That's what totally tailor-made means to us; we ensure your training goals are met with imagination, flair, professionalism and great customer service.

Wide Range of Abilities

Our team of professional instructors can tailor courses to address just about any kind of soft skills issues you may need to deal with: giving skills to new line managers, ensuring front-line staff are well prepared, boosting the confidence and capabilities of those who need to present on a regular basis.

Most importantly, we do it in collaboration with you; we take a detailed brief, discuss our approach and the options that would best suit your organization and create a program that will be the end result of all our resourcefulness, originality, knowledge and experience.